Reggie N. San Jose -Mathnasium

My son, a junior in high school, was struggling with Pre-Calculus and resistant to getting help. From the first appointment with Jennifer, his attitude changed. Her encouragement, assessment and teaching skills were top-notch. She located deficits in his previous learning which explained his current difficulties. She created a plan to fill in the lost info and support future learning. He enjoyed working with his tutors and never complained about his twice weekly appointments. He went from an “F” to a “B” in his last grading period.  Wish we had found them sooner! Highly recommend this program.

Ron D. San Jose -Mathnasium

This place will get your child excited about Math. The teaching techniques they use make math easy to understand. David and Jennifer are awesome teachers. They gave their time to sponsor the Cub Scouts of Pack 165 and help them earn their Math Belt Loop.  David and Jennifer, thank you so much for your time, talent, and for sharing your wonderful facility. You have taught a valuable lesson to the kids.

Deirdre T. -Mathnasium

My daughter has been going to Mathnasium for the past six months. She has always struggled with math, and had problems achieving good grades. We have tried traditional tutors, and after school assistance. It is with great pleasure that I report to you that she received her progress report for her first marking period in middle school, and she has earned an A in Math!! I attribute her improvement to her hard work and your excellent program.

She enjoys the time she spends with you and your staff. She has never once complained about attending, even during the summer months. I feel, as well, that the program has directly influenced her attitude about school and more specifically studying, as she is really applying herself in all of her classes. She is doing well in all subjects. I think a great deal of her new confidence is attributable to your program.

Thank you!!!

Sincerely, Deirdre T.

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My daughter had a poor grade in Geometry at a local high school who has a block schedule. We had been working with tutors who came to my house and she was not making progress. We called Denise, the owner of Brier Creek Mathnasium, and she told us about their high school program where kids attend 2 to 3 times a week. The program was actually less expensive compared to paying the private tutors. After the first week my daughter told me she was feeling much more confident. They encouraged her with her current work and took time to review her old work. She attended their high school EOC camp over the Winter Break and ended up with a 90% on her EOC and a B in the class. We are very satisfied and plan to stay once a week to get ready for her algebra 2 class. Pros: Personalized attention, understand Wake county school system Cons: Needs expanded high school hours

Ashley F. *Naperville, IL -Mathnasium

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At the end of first grade, my daughter did not understand numbers or math. She had no number sense and no confidence in math. She was missing the fundamentals of math.  We would both be in tears doing her homework, my daughter because she didn’t get it and me because I didn’t know how to make her understand. And this was only first grade! I randomly chose Mathnasium for her to get tutored during the summer. I am so glad I did! This place has been instrumental with helping my daughter to understand numbers and math. She has such a better understanding of math and has such confidence in herself. She used to tell me how she hated math but now all I get is what a genius she is at math! The owner, Aparna Pai, is wonderful to work with. She is very open to working with you and your child so your child gets the most out of Mathnasium. She genuinely wants every child to succeed at math. She is in contact with my daughters teacher at school to make sure that the subject matter taught at school is also being taught at Mathnasium. We have been going there since summer. It’s also a great deal because you can go up to five times a week if you choose. What’s important to me too is that my daughter loves going there. We were only going twice a week during summer but she wanted to go more! She looks forward to going. The tutors are wonderful and patient. They  have such a great way of explaining things to her so that she understands what she is doing. And they have really gotten to know her and how she learns so they can work better with her. I highly recommend Mathnasium if your child is having trouble in math. They did wonders with my daughter!